Every season is interesting in its way and the style changes that they bring to our wardrobes are also exiting. We like replacing old-fashioned items with fashionable ones and we like enjoying our new outfits and accessories for the coming season. Since winter is almost here we’ll update our wardrobes for winter. In order to escape any mess or unavoidable inconvenience, we’ll everything properly and according to the most useful updating rules.


So, let’s start from handbags. Handbags are considered to be the most versatile fashion accessories that take place in our wardrobes. We can use one and the same handbag all year round but when we are after modern matchings and trends we always choose colors and styles that go well with that particular time of the year. Thus, winter handbags usually come in monotone colors and warm fabrics.  This is the time of the year when we avoid too bright and printed options and choose rather classic versions of handbags. From fur to leather, there are many styles of handbags to make your choice between. Consider buying case crossboy, faux leather tote, foldover and cozy backpacks for this winter. If you like rocking fur handbags, you may go for comfy clutches.


When it comes to shoes every girl wants to have as many as possible especially for colder seasons. Well, winter doesn’t allow us to wear too extravagant and fascinating shoes but it gives us the advantage to look more elegant and classic. Your choice of boots can be of over the knee-length for this winter as they are the most fashionable shoe styles for the moment. Over the knee boots with or without high heels always make you stand out with your attractiveness. They best go with short dresses and skirts. Other trendy shoe ideas for this winter are as follows; open side bootie, calf hair bootie with animal prints, comfy rain boots, block heel bootie etc.

Hair Accessories and Hats

While hair accessories are the smallest beauty items in our wardrobes we still take care of them to match with every season. You may hardly use summer hair accessories in winter, that’s why we offer the following cool accessories both for casual and special days. Warm knotted headbands, pearl hairpins, gold clips, poppy hairpins, velvet hair tie bow, tortoiseshell barrettes as well as sleep scrunches are going to become the best friends for your winter hairstyles. Depending on their shades, you can match them with your makeup hues and hats. As for hats, the most fashionable styles are cashmere beanies, wool blend berets, wool Brixton hats and of course the warmest knitted hats.


Perhaps the most stable way to show off your personal style and taste is the use of jewelry in your looks. Winter is the time for strap watches, interlocking hoops, pearl drop hoop earrings, snowflake-shaped earrings and bracelets and holiday inspired necklaces such as pine cone or snowman necklace. Rings can be of any style but they should suits your outfits in their color combinations. Silver rings are the best for winter.