There are tons of content that are uploaded on Instagram and you need to make sure that your photos beat out this high-level competition and end up on top. For you to be able to do this, you need to learn the current IG algorithm and see how you can make it work to your advantage. Here are some tips that you may use to not only ride the system, but to make it work for you. Go through them, learn them, and use them in order to engage your online engagement.

Use High-Quality Content

Think about the last time that a content caught your eye and kept you fixated for a certain amount of time. Let’s be honest: Instagram can be quite cluttered at times. In order for you to be able to gain more followers, you need to set yourself apart from other influencers and rise above the clutter. One thing that you can do this is to post only high-quality content that your followers will surely like. Doing this will help you get noticed on Instagram and will help you improve the level of engagement that your individual photos will experience.

Learn about your Audience

While the latest algorithm does focus on quality of posts, you will need to learn more about your followers as time goes on. After all, this audience group is composed of the people who will dictate whether your content is high quality or not. The new Instagram system grades posts based on the likes and comments that the audience give them. With this said, you need to know what will make your audience tick and you need to give them the content that they like. Learn their habits, too, so that you will be able to launch your content at the right time throughout the day.

Use the Right Hashtags

Using the right hashtags will empower you to reach out to the right Instagram communities and to find new groups who you can engage with. Doing this also signals the Instagram system that your profile is targeting a wider audience group than usual! With every photo that you launch, make sure that you use the right combinations of specific and general hashtags for your posts. Use the right mix of trending and general tags as well, to ensure that you will be able to cover as wide a target audience as possible.

Go Live with your Videos

The amount of time that the online audience spends while watching a video has increased over time, and you should capitalize on this trend in order to boost your profile’s visibility and relevance. As a matter of fact, instead of planning out your vids, you should totally go candid and launch a live video campaign. Stories only stay online for 24 hours, anyway, so you do not need to fixate on their content. The more people view your videos, the higher you will rank on the new Instagram algorithm.