Photo sharing and social networking on Instagram is a great way for people to meet, communicate and form new relationships. A hashtag allows you to easily connect with Instagram users who share your interests.

Steps for tagging photos with a hashtag:
Open Instagram on your mobile device, take a photo and select a filter (or a design you wish your photo to appear with).
In the caption box type your chosen hashtag. Start with the pound sign #. You may use numbers, letters and underscores but no spaces or special characters. Upload the photo.
For a previous photo – click on the comments and post your hashtag in the comments box.
Clicking on the hashtag now leads you to other users whose photos bear that hashtag.
Here are a few tips to picking a great hashtag to reach a larger number of people and get the most ‘Likes’ and connections..
  1. Be descriptive and specific: #avengers will get you to more Avengers fans than #marvel.
  2. Follow the lead of other users: selecting a hashtag that is widely used, and relates to your photo, will get you more connections.
  3. Use your name: #johndoe allows other users to view your uploads on one page.

 Instagram Hashtags


– Public tag pages will not display tagged photos of private accounts.
– You can’t tag other people’s photos.
– A photo with more than 30 tags will not load.


 Remember – the hashtags will get you ‘Likes’, but the actual comments help you create a bigger network of friends.