Yey, once again it’s that time of the year- Victoria’s Secret Fashion show! What we’re most excited about is the annual ‘Fantasy Bra ‘.We had the pleasure of seeing what the ‘Fantasy Bra’ would look like one month before the fashion show. And we weren’t disappointed!


Lais Ribeiro had the honor to wear the ‘Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra’, valued at $2 million. If you knew that the bra is made of diamonds, blue topaz and yellow sapphires in total of almost 6,000 gemstones, you wouldn’t be so surprised by the price. Oh, and it took more than 350 fantastic hours to create the ‘Fantasy Bra’.

If you thought $2million is too much, what do you have to say about this one? It was worn in 2000 by Gisele Bundchen and It was valued at amazing $15 million! Well, that’s the price for 1,300 rubies and diamonds hand-set on a bra! The very first Fantasy Bra was worn by Claudia Schiffer in 1996 was valued at $1 million. And it became a tradition ever since.

Lais Ribeiro got her wings in 2015, although she was part of the Victoria’s family since 2010. The modeling superstar couldn’t be happier for the honor to wear what is possibly the most expensive lingerie. Her initial reaction ‘I never cried so much in my entire life- and I have a baby.’ speaks a lot about what the honor meant to her. “Who doesn’t dream about wearing the Fantasy Bra? I mean it is an honor to be among Gisele, Candice, Adriana, and all the big top models who have worn it in the past.” – Lais continued explaining her happiness.

Just after the show, which was held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on Monday, November 20th in Shanghai,China, the angel posted on Instagram: “Can I take this beauty home?” And she’s not the only one who would love to have it.

There’s something about Lais Ribeiro that makes the $2 million bra even better. I don’t know if it is her skin color, her overall hotness or her amazing catwalk. But she totally rocked the runway in the Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra. To make her other-worldly bra even better, her lingerie was teamed up with a pair of golden wings. It is going to be really hard to top that next year!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the most fashionable night in the world! The most glitzy part of the event for this year and for the past years as well, is the Fantasy Bra.

Be sure not to miss seeing Lais Ribeiro in the Fantasy Bra, November 28th at 10 p.m. on CBS.