Since you will consistently under the public eye, you will feel a certain pressure to pretend to be someone who you think your influencers would love. However, doing so will do very little for you and will only set you off in an unending journey of consistently second guessing yourself. When it comes to building a great reputation as a brand ambassador and as an online model, the best thing that you can do is to be yourself and to share who you are truly are to the world!


Since you are in the business of interacting people and managing a group of followers, there is no doubt that you know certain things that other people probably have no idea about. One thing that you can do in order to build your reputation as an online ambassador is to share your experiences with your followers. After all, your adventures are solely your own. By sharing these stories with your fans, you will be able to give them a look into your world and into who you really are.


While you may be sharing your photos and videos with your followers every day, there is no denying the fact that they will only know things that you tell or show them. So, go ahead and show them simple little things that not only endear you to them but will also help you establish your reputation as a fun and adventurous individual. No talent is too small and no skill is irrelevant. As long as it is something that you enjoy doing and as long as it is something that you think your followers will like to hear about, then go ahead and share it to your IG network!


There is nothing more smile-inducing than having one of the influencers that you follow reply to your messages and comments. Go ahead and make your followers’ day by spending a certain amount of your busy day talking to them and giving back the love that they give you! A simple “thank you” goes a long way in the field of online modeling, especially since Instagram can be a fairly detached medium. The simple task of talking to your followers will set you apart from others and build your reputation as an approachable It Girl.


There is a certain amount of pressure that influencer face, especially when it comes to sticking to their personal branding. After all, everything rides on how they project themselves online. However, you have to understand that there is nothing more interesting that seeing a down-to-earth girl online, living the life that you want to live! So, go ahead and let your personality shine and be as true to yourself as possible! There is no doubt that your followers will appreciate your effort to wear your heart on your sleeves and reward you with a boost on your online engagement level.