Planning and organizing a wedding is a hard and tiring process. It requires time, creativity and of course lots of money. On the other hand, it’s fun and interesting. Any woman dreams of a wonderful wedding and does her best to make it unforgettable and romantic. While every wedding ceremony is unique and beautiful, there are wedding trends to avoid this year. If you want to stand out with a fashionable and up-to-date wedding plan, then make sure you don’t make the below represented mistakes.

Vintage Table Decorations

Well, vintage is always beautiful but it’s not always stylish. We have seen many vintage décor ideas during the last year and we are done with them. This year the public requires something more creative and unrepeatable. You can check out what’s new for 2018 and choose the most inspiring table decorations or your wedding.

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes seem to be far more casual and common. Replace them with more luxurious options that hold the wedding atmosphere. Another reason to avoid naked cakes is that frosting causes it to dry out more quickly. Instead, you can choose cakes that drip, shaggy cakes, botanical cakes, stylish ombre cakes, wedding desserts instead of cakes, hand-painted cakes etc.

“No Flower” Weddings

Weddings without flowers are like birthdays without cakes. So, pay special attention to flowers especially this year, because we’re delighted to announce that 2018’s choice is Ultra Violet and it’s a wonderful color to choose for your wedding flowers. The majority of your decorations can run around ultra violet flowers. Weddings are actually dull without flowers.

The Same Menu

Replace old wedding menus and food options with something new, more delicious and unique. You don’t need to go too expensive to please your guests. All you need is just a new menu with tasty food. It can be anything, until you know your guests’ preferences. They are definitely tired of the same wedding ood provided by all restaurants.

Digital Invites

Many of us think that it’s normal to send digital wedding invitations, but the fact is that the wedding invitations made of paper or by yourself are priceless. Nothing can replace a nice wedding invitation. Make sure you avoid this mistake and think carefully about the way you are going to invite your guests. Think big and use your own fantasy. You’ll surely make them happier with your innovative idea of a wedding invitation.

Tight Wedding Bouquets

Many brides prefer tight and compact bouquets that come with a number of colorful flowers (usually roses) but they are not the only wedding bouquets to consider. A loose, natural design is actually more appealing and attractive. It also suits your tender bridal look and resembles your subtleness, femininity and elegance. Instead of tight and colorful bouquets opt for loose and two-tone styles composed by various flowers.

Matching Everything

If you think that matching every detail is correct in wedding designs, then we are here to tell you that are already old-fashioned. You are not ought to match all decorations with the color of your wedding gown, accessories or bouquet. It will wiser, if you go for unique color combinations using both neutral and bright shades.