For many fashionistas Instagram is a fantastic app to start a career of a model. Some of them use this platform to earn for living and you may ask how. Well, those hashtagged photos require time and efforts to gain likes and followers and models that succeed also earn money.  There isn’t an actual advertisement or client but models seem to earn for living.

Photographers’ Witness

Photographers shooting IG models seldom tell about the secrets they use to get attractive photos. However, they admit the fact that hashtags play a great role. A good and high quality photo is a must but the brand name you tag on the photo does a great job for the career of the model. Sometimes you need to wear the lipstick of the brand you talk about or tag on the photo. So, photographers usually advice using this trick as it truly works. This means that any IG model must be well-aware of the latest fashion trends to talk about and share their experience. Instagram allows them to come up with creative expression as well as earn money with the help of wisely chosen hashtags. Nowadays photographers prefer working with girls that come with unique features and don’t stand out with typical body norms. This helps them to capture interesting and unique photos that break stereotypes. Then real agencies notice them and invite for modeling.

Models’ Witness

As for models, they are expected to be patient and confident enough. Each should use hashtags that are less popular yet individual and personalized. There are cases when someone offers you a lot of money to take a picture of you in their preferred pose and if you agree, they may offer you regular cooperation. On the other hand, you can meet models who don’t need money to buy expensive things, just money to live off. Besides modeling they can also work in a pub around the corner from their and stay away from “risky photos”. However, everything starts as a hobby and models tell that when they think “Maybe I should try out that stuff,’ then they also tell they could never set out to be a model. They usually think of themselves as an image-maker, and what they do in front of the camera help them be better behind it as well.


Any IG model desires to gain many more followers as soon as possible. While some get thousands of followers in an hour, others may wait for a month or so. No one can tell what the public is going to like tomorrow. Many people follow standards but there is also a group of people who are after uniqueness. So, your attitude, lifestyle and way of thinking will surely find its fans. Try to keep your followers engaged with frequent updates and interesting stories. Don’t forget to use your creativity as followers want to see something more than ‘just a model.'”