Can you imagine how many people are searching (read hunting) for a job every day and at this moment while you are reading these words? Honestly, I can, because the amount is probably not imaginable. One of the questions that hit you when you find out that your application is accepted is what to wear to an interview.

If you are in the group of people searching for a job in modeling, fashion industry, or any other check out below what ideas I have gathered around for you.


Try to Look Polished

Always try to look as much polished and classy as you can. Whether you opt for a super tailored blazer or double-breasted coat – wear something that really suits you. It will show you who you really are, and not who you pretend to be. Mix fabrics – wool and silk would make a perfect combination.


Don’t Go with Bare Shoulders

There is still something odd about going bare shoulders to a job interview. No matter if your (future) job is an open-minded community, you should always respect some fashion rules. One of these fashion rules is to wear sleeves or to wear a blazer with some sleeveless blouse.


80% Classic Style 20% Individual Style

When it comes to style, think this. Let your look be 80% classic and 20% individual style. Add something that will be your signature. Leather instead of a regular skirt or purple pantsuit paired with sneakers, and not with heels. All these things will assure your future bosses that you are a unique and creative person, worth to work in their company.


The Suit is Great Idea

Wearing suit doesn’t have to be cliche. If you were wondering what to wear to an interview to be classy and modern at the same time, then I guess you can try wearing a super tailored suit. Pick some trendy colors like the soft pink of blue. The plaid pattern is very fashionable at the moment, so don’t hesitate to wear a grey checkered suit.


Wear Comfy Shoes

Mules appeared last year. Gucci mules in many different colors were one of the most worn and in some opinions one of the most comfortable shoes at the moment. That is why you should try something like that. Whatever they are flat or with a kitten heel, people will recognize a fashion insider in you, and I can guarantee you that.  


Advise Plus

Have everything planned and the ready night before the job interview. Otherwise, the question what to wear to an interview will pop out in not so good time. Organize the papers, your bag, and items you plan to wear next day. This will save you stressful looking in your wardrobe.

Be confident in yourself. With your professional outfits you can show how much you are into fashion, but try not to overdo it. Don’t try too much, be yourself and everything will turn out great!