One of the most respected and appreciated fashion shows – NYFW, ended over a month ago. But it left us with a lot to talk about! The New York Fashion Week is what Christmas is to kids for all of us fashion lovers. Beside all the glam that comes in hand with NYFW, what we loved about this year’s fashion event was the street fashion.

Street style seems to be getting more and more attention each day, and we are loving it! And why is this fashion trend so adored? Could it be that the fashion evolution finally hit us, so we decided to disobey the ancient fashion rule that everything needs to be in place? The touch of freedom street style offers is what attracts everyone – fashion bloggers, editors, trendsetters, stylists, designers, ‘it’ girls – they are all carried by the street style wave, and they really know how to surf. And is there a better place to gather them all together than the cradle of fashion- New York Fashion Week. Let’s check what NYFW had to ‘say’ on the matter.

1.Rihanna dressed in ripped boyfriend jeans

Beside as one badass singer, Riri is also appreciated for the style icon she is. Appearing on the NYFW in ripped, baggy boyfriend jeans and oversized blazer, finishing her look with fur mules and small framed sunglasses, Rihanna did it again – she attracted everyone’s attention with a look that pretty much looks effortless. So, next time you want to be unique and step out of the crowd with your style, follow Rihanna’s lesson – be bold, be brave, be who you are!

2.Helena Bordon, the Brazilian style blogger teaching us a lesson on hardcore styling

Headed to the Victoria Bechkam’s show on the 4th day of NYFW, Helena decided to have fun with her outfit. Hey, why not add a touch of grunge in your styling? It certainly rocks! Just because you’re attending the world’s best fashion show doesn’t mean you have to dress formal. On the contrary, everyone’s trying to show their authenticity. So, if you ever wanted to dress more casually, but you were afraid you are going to be under-dressed, worry no more. Just go with it!

3. Carine Roitfeld is here to prove that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Characteristically for the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, she decided to stick to her well known simple style for day six of NYFW, appearing in a simple grey skirt and suit. And nothing screams power louder than woman in a suit. Moral of the story: make it simple, but significant.

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A lot of the looks seen on New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 seem so personal and accessible. Both the designers and attendees put an accent on how important it is to own your style, whether you are the more formal or casual type. There is some refreshing vibe of pride in these looks, where people dressed exactly for no one in particular other them themselves. And that is the ultimate goal!