I’ve been thinking – how fast days pass by from the moment I wake up till the time I crawl into your bad and wondering when that day went. In the world of fast livin la vida loca, this situation is not known only to me, right? If you find yourself stressed from work, home obligations or anything else – don’t worry, you are not alone. However, it might be the right time to start thinking about when to take a mental break. And why not right now?

If you think that is just a thing that will pass, you are very wrong. Stress can cause many health problems – both physically and mentally. It causes you to age faster, by destroying shortening telomeres in your white blood cells, while leaving your DNA strands vulnerable. Also, stress can affect your brain. Taking a break can be done differently – yoga, meditation or just 5 minutes of deep breathing. It is on you to choose. These are signs to let you know to take a mental break.

Having Too Much On Plate

Having too many things on your plate is a usual thing for someone who doesn’t know how to say no, instead of accepting everything. If your coworker’s requests are making you stressed, then it is the time to say no to all of them. This can be applicable to your family and friends as well.


Your System Needs Break

Everyone deals with some kind of everyday stress. However, if your immune system starts to send you signs then there is something very serious going on. If you find yourself prone to colds, or you are having a hard time waking up, then you should definitely slow down. These are just some of the symptoms that can overgrow into something much more serious.

Bad Sleeping or Insomnia

According to the APA, adults that sleep less than 8 hours are much more exposed to stress. Feelings of laziness and having trouble to concentrate are likely the things you will feel the next day. There are few things that can help you sleep better though.

  • Let your bedroom be device-free – no mobile, iPad or any other device.
  • Don’t eat before bed.
  • Give yourself some quiet time before sleeping – reading a book, magazine or just meditating would be perfect.

Emotional Balance is Destabilized

If your emotions change a lot during the day that means your emotional balance is destabilized. If you are feeling differently day after day, and you find hard to smile, then it is time to take a mental break. Spend some time with yourself – finish the project that you have postponed, or just pamper yourself with fine beauty products. It will help a lot.

You Are Last on The List

Finishing everything during one day can be hard, and do you wonder where are you on that list? If you always put yourself in the last place, there won’t be anything left! Only when you take care of yourself, you will really be able to help others.


How about you? Have you ever feel that you should take a mental break?