Working out and modeling goes hand in hand. After all, maintaining the right kind of body that is necessary in striking it big in the modeling world would require dedication and hard work. However, not all models can boast of toned muscles and strong curves. This is where Precca Chika breaks the mold.

Precca lives and breathes fitness; and this is very apparent on the kinds of content that she posts on her personal Instagram account. Her wonderful feed contains a mixture of stunning selfies, inspiring exercise videos, and glamorous full body portraits. No matter what kind of content you are looking at, one thing surely holds true: you cannot deny that the hard work that Precca has put into her workouts had definitely reaped great results!

It will not come as a surprise that Precca mainly makes a living by being a physical trainer. For her day job, she helps her clients get into great shape and coaches them to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible. In addition to her main job, Precca is also looking for ways to partner with fitness brands whose philosophies are in line with her personal lifestyle. Without a doubt, it is time that brands start working with this young lady, seeing how well she connects with people online.

While her body will be the first things that you would notice about her, her muscles are not the end all and be all of Precca. In addition to being physically fit, she is also in shape mentally and spiritually. She practices meditation and tries her best to get others in on the action as well.

Precca Chika has the whole package that brands are looking for in an online ambassador. Work with Precca and get your brand in tip-top shape by checking out her IGModel Search profile and following her Instagram account!