As you become a bigger online influencer, there is no doubt that your followers would want to know more and more about your life. One great way to be more relatable to your online audience is to give them a sneak peek into the world that you live in.

Giving your followers a tour of your home and your hometown will give you tons of amazing content. You can do so using photos and videos! Just follow these simple tips!

Start Somewhere Intimate

When it comes to giving your audience a tour of where you live, it will be a great idea to start with giving them a look into your own home. Start with your room or your wardrobe! Your followers would surely be interested to see where you spend your spare time. If you have common areas in your house that you’d like to share with them, then do that as well. It will also be a hit if you can snap photos of videos with the people who are closest to you, since this will give your content a more personal feel.

Tour the Neighborhood

Sharing tidbits of the neighborhood where you currently live or where you spent your childhood will definitely bring you closer to your followers’ hearts. Who knows, you may even be able to get more organic likes and follows from the Instagram users who are near your vicinity! Make sure that you use the right geotag for your content. This way, as more and more people post photos taken in the same places, your content will also get more views and potential engagement.

Go a Little Sentimental

When it comes to giving your followers a tour of your hometown, you should not be afraid to add a more personal twist to your storytelling. Consider it this way: people will be more interested about the memories that you have about the place, as opposed to facts that they can read somewhere else. Consider giving your audience a tour of your favorite hangouts and hotspots. Get a couple of friends to join you while you are at it! Doing this will not only give you tons of amazing content but will also give you the chance to bond with the people who are closest to you!

Don’t Skip the Landmarks

All neighborhoods and towns have their own share of landmarks and must-see sceneries. As you post about your hometown, make sure that you prominently feature these places and encourage your followers to visit! Think of yourself as an Instagram tour guide. This way, if your followers find themselves near the area, they will remember your posts and they just might get the little push that they need to visit your town and experience it for themselves!