Instructional videos are some of the resourceful tools that we get to use whenever we are seeking for motivation for Yoga practices. However, whether a beginner or a professional we all at times want a different inspiration that will take us to the next level of practice. Here are various Yoga stars that will help you achieve that:

Amanda Bisk @amandabisk

Her love affair with Yoga started at the end of 2011 after a couple of failed medical treatments of her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  A little practice of different stretches and postures got her interested and she eventually found herself absorbing the Yoga practices.

Here are some of her super-bendy yoga poses:

Robin Martin, @robinmartinyoga

With an Instagram following of over 200,000 followers, her Yoga practice journey stated from being a student to a point of becoming a certified Yoga teacher.   It is from her quest of seeking different styles of workouts that landed her into the practice. After six months, her life changed with Yoga remaining consistent.

See and appreciate the beauty in some of her styles:

Dylan Werner, @dylanwerneryoga

Werner found his passion in Yoga in his quest for health living and fitness ways through his practice of martial arts. He has been teaching Yoga since 2011 and with a background in wrestling and rock climbing; you can bet he is good at it.

Here some of his moves:

Caitlin Turner, @gypsetgoddess

Being a certified Yoga teacher her satisfaction is in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The so-called Gypset Goddess started practicing Yoga in 2007 before receiving the certification in 2010.

David Romero, @theyogidr

Romero’s goal is to help people transform their lifestyles through restorative Yoga practices. He believes in establishing and maintaining a balanced life through self-disciplined practices.  See his acts:

Rachel Brathen, @yoga_girl

She embraced her Yoga life immediately after graduating from school. However, it is only in 2010 when she began teaching it on a full time basis. Her classes are either online or in-person through her self-titled website. This is what she does best.

Kerri Verna, @beachyogagirl

The mother of two boys has been teaching Yoga for 12 years which has gained her over 1 Million followers on Instagram. She has achieved several fitness certifications and with her inspirations, she makes people o things they never thought they would ever do.  This is what she offers with her actions: