Gabrielle Grace Epstein is an Australian Instagram sensation who amazes and influences a number of people with her perky personality and sexy body. At a young age, Gabrielle, or Gabby as some call her, has always been an active and outgoing lady.

She started as a social media personality who ended up working part-time as a model at the age of 15 just after she graduated from high school. Gabby has endorsed a couple of products such as eyewear brands as well as “Women’s Best Fitness” and “Young and Reckless”. She also endorsed “Brighter White” which is an Australian company brand that produces whitening kits, gel and teeth bleach products. Now, that explains why her teeth are shiny and bright! It is a must for a person like her who lives to smile for other’s content.

Her great and natural body has been something she dearly takes care of. She says that eating healthy comes naturally to her. She has been involved in fitness her whole life that whenever she eats junk food, she does not really feel good causing her not to eat it at all. However, she says that she is not too strict on her diet whenever she is away from home. Instead, she keeps a healthy routine when she is at home so that she could relax more and enjoy whenever she is on trips.

Growing up in Gold Coast, she joined the Mr. and Ms. Universe Gold Coast. Although she was not able to win the crown, she still gained a lot of fans. She is a former state swimming champion who enjoys the beach and with a body like hers, it would be a shame not to flaunt her healthy and sexy body.

Gabrielle had the opportunity to be part of the movie, “Dieppe (1993)” where she casted as “Daphne” having the privilege to work with a few famous actors like Victor Garber and Gary Reineke. Her exposure in the movie has heightened her popularity level allowing her to gain more fans and followers and who knows, even admirers.

Despite all the glamour and fame in the social media, like every other celebrity, she has also gained a few bashers. She found out that friends of friends have commented negatively on some of her photos. Due to such incident, Gabby has felt insecure for quite some time that she kept on asking her mother if all of it was true. Thanks to her supportive mother and loving boyfriend, she was able to cope with all her insecurity problems. Her boyfriend, Conner Malan, has been with her every step of the way, giving her comfort and support. Most times, he is the one taking pictures of Gabby since he frequently accompanies her in her life ventures.

As a brand ambassador of “Brighter White” she has as smile that shows her white sparkling teeth and thanks to “Women’s Best Fitness” she is able to maintain her healthy body. Aside from promoting and endorsing, she is currently working on a website and soon plans to open her own lingerie line