There are different kinds of brand ambassadors and models online, but most of them share one thing in common: they are comfortable enough with their lives that they can confidently share snippets of their days online.

Being a public figure entails so much more than sharing the products that you use. For you to be a relatable figure, you need to let your followers see who you are and share content that will make them feel as if they know you personally. Here are some tips that you may use to declutter your life and fill it with a positive vibe, then get to share with your followers online.

Start with your Surroundings

Have you ever tried working in a cluttered environment? Chances are, you will not be able to focus on the task at hand because your brain is muddled by the visual cues that you take in. Your environment will have an effect on the way that you feel and react. If you want to feel better and feel more zen, then you should look into decluttering your surroundings. You will not only be cleaning up your physical space but you will also be clearing up your brain!

Create your Personal Statement

People have different views on how they would want to live their lives. No matter what your lifestyle is, however, it will surely be easier for you to focus on living your life the best way that you can if you come up with your own simplicity statement. Think of it like a mantra that you can look back on once your world starts feeling a little too chaotic. You would be surprised at how a simple statement can help you refocus your thoughts and your energy for the better.

Eat Slowly

In addition to nourishing your body, your mealtime is also your chance to spend time with the people who you love and who need to maintain relationships with. If you like eating alone, then mealtimes are opportunities for you to really wind down and relax. However, people often find themselves hurrying themselves as they eat their meals. Try not to get into this kind of mindset. Make sure that you enjoy your food and savor the flavors on your palate. Eating at a slow pace will also help you avoid overeating and make it easier for you to stick to your prescribed portion.

Focus on What Matters

Different people have different priorities and value different things differently. It may be the new car that you brought or your niece or your new passion project… it doesn’t matter. You should make sure that you share the things that you value to the world and let everyone know how much you appreciate your blessings. Posting about the things that you are thankful for will also influence your followers to look into their lives and consider the blessings that they are given. If done right, you will be able to share the great feeling of thankfulness with your followers!